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A better VPN — agile, intuitive, and built for Wireless WAN.

Your organization’s attack surface has swelled (we figure you’ve noticed), presenting unavoidable challenges. Discoverable IP addresses put data security at risk. Extensive amounts of VPN tunnels and routing configurations make management brutal for lean IT teams. And even the best hub-and-spoke network architectures struggle to scale. With Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange (NCX) Secure Connect, organizations easily build encrypted communications over hybrid cellular and wired links for a secure Wireless WAN orchestrated through a single platform.


Orchestrate connections simply and securely

Create secure connections from Cradlepoint LTE and 5G routers to applications in the cloud and datacenter using automation, intuitive orchestration, and name-based routing.


Obscure the network, reduce attack surface

Secure Connect says “no” to default network level access. Private NAT techniques help IT teams hide IP addresses. It’s like a witness protection program for company devices and users.


Scale your WAN with cloud control

Avoid “rip and replace” with a network solution that a business can start at the right size and scale up as needed. Add endpoints, tunnels, and bandwidth with single-pane-of-glass cloud management.

Choose a solution built on zero-trust principles

Built on zero-trust principles, NCX Secure Connect authenticates first and then connects. Creating temporary tunnels from onsite routers to specific resources inherently limits network, device, and user access by default and restricts unwanted lateral movement. Combined with the cloaking of IP addresses, this zero-trust architecture becomes the foundation of your network security story.

What does a secure architecture look like?

NCX Secure Connect tightly integrates with most Cradlepoint routing and security endpoints to establish encrypted connections through the NCX Service Gateway, enabling secure access to applications and resources in the cloud or datacenter.

How to choose network security orchestration options


Order a NetCloud service plan with the NCX Secure Connect add-on.


Compare Features

Choose a purpose-built router
(part of NetCloud package).


Compare Endpoints

Choose the NCX Service Gateway capacity level that fits your use case.


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Cloud Management for Scalability

NetCloud Manager provides full lifecycle management for Wireless WANs, including zero-touch deployment, creation of secure networks, and at-a-glance analytics and troubleshooting — enabling you to scale your network, not your staff.

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